Our Process

Many of our clients come to us through referrals. If you do not know which advisor you would like to work with, please review the “Our Team” page to gain more information about advisor specialties and styles. Then, send an email directly to the advisor(s) you are considering. Any of our advisors would be happy to provide a reference from existing clients if requested.

While each of our advisors has a different onboarding process for new clients, there is a shared overall approach. Advisors will:

  • Meet You.  Are you and the advisor a good match, both personally and professionally?
  • Gather Information. Understand your personal and financial circumstances.
  • Identify Objectives. What are your needs and goals?
  • Analyze Existing Approach. What do you currently have established?
  • Develop Plan. How are we going to move forward?
  • Implement Plan. Let’s do it!
  • Review Periodically. Is the plan still working for you? Have your needs or circumstances changed?